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church_drawing1St. Peter’s-Trinity Church was founded in 1996 through a merger of St. Peter’s Church, Plymouth, founded in 1740, and Trinity Parish, Thomaston, founded in 1869. It is an Episcopal Church, which is part of the world-wide Anglican Communion.

As you visit our Church, you are welcome to fully participate in the Worship as well as the other aspects of our life together. All persons, no matter what their age, are welcome to receive Holy Communion at God’s table. What we believe can be found in a concise and easy to read format in the Catechism of the Book of Common Prayer, found on page 845 to 862.

In the Episcopal Church each Parish elects a Vestry at its annual meeting in January. The Vestry is responsible for the “temporal” affairs of the Parish. The Rector is responsible for the “spiritual” aspects such as worship. The Vestry is made up of two Wardens, the Treasurer, Clerk, and nine rotating vestry members elected for a three year term. Anyone whose baptism has been recorded in the Parish can be elected to the Vestry.


Priest-in-Charge  —–   Father Jose Martinez

Vestry Members:
Scott Nelson  —–  Senior Warden
Tom Scully Sr.  —–   Junior Warden
Dan Seabourne  —–  Treasurer
Cheryl Goulet  —–  Assistant Treasurer
Sue LaCourse  —–  Clerk
Jim Todd, Rosie DellaVentura,
Maire Greene,
Lillian Olmstead, Dorene Martin, Lisa Szabo



At St. Peter’s-Trinity Church, all of God’s children are completely welcome in the life of the Parish.  There are three ways, however, in which people become formal members of the Episcopal Church and of this Parish: baptism, confirmation or reception, and transfer, either from another Episcopal Church or by having their baptisms recorded in this Parish.  All baptized members over the age of 16 who have been faithful in worship and giving for six months are considered “voting members” of the Parish.  To transfer or to have your baptism recorded, please speak with the Rector.

In the Episcopal Church, we believe that there are four types of ministers: lay persons, bishops, priests, and deacons.  Because of this, we offer a variety of ministries in which all can participate.


Remembering those who have past:

We are proud to remember those who are no longer with us.
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Bulletin Repository:
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